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Bitcoin Mining Farm For Sale

Bitcoin Mining Farm For Sale

Have you ever been thrilled at the prospect of printing money? Who would not share the feeling? After all, having more banknotes means you can do anything. Of course, doing this is illegal, to say the least. Luckily, the internet is pushing the boundaries of everything — including finance.

You may not be able to print cash, but you can do the next best thing. Actually, it might be better — you can mine for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

Any technical explanation behind why Bitcoin mining is the next big thing may be too long-winded for this post. However, all you have to recognize is the simple idea that mining cryptocurrencies gives you more cryptocurrency. More bitcoins, Ether, AAVE, or Unimaker tokens can leave you with more money than you can imagine.

Mining Bitcoins is not as simple as downloading an app. Building a computer rig capable of verifying transactions on the blockchain worked — back in 2009, that is.

The climbing number of crypto-miners along with the supply cap of cryptocurrencies also complicate the logistics aspect of Bitcoin mining further. To be ahead of other miners, you need more than a well-cooled and custom CPU.

You need your own arsenal of application-specific integrated circuit computers that are up to the taxing tax of crypto-mining. You need a Bitcoin mining farm.

We are your one-stop-shop for Bitcoin mining farms and more. Get in touch with us now if you are interested in having your own mining farm.

These Bitcoin mining farms will have you harvesting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies faster than your average basement-based crypto-miner. Choose from these Bitcoin mining farms from several parts of the United States.

Crypto Mining Farm For Sale

Mining Farm in Missouri

One of the most recently listed Bitcoin mining farms on our location menu is this Missouri-based facility. The facility has a load of at least 200 MW — perfect for several mining rigs you intend to run for 24 hours a day.

While 200 MW is available, you may be able to use the power capacity piecemeal. In other words, buying 10 megawatts is possible for buyers on the waiting list. The minimum order quantity is 10 megawatts costing $100,000 to $200,000 per 10-MW order.

At the time of writing, the owners of the facility are willing to provide containers. Contact us if you are interested in this juggernaut of a Bitcoin mining farm.

Mining-Ready North Carolina Site

The North Carolina Bitcoin mining facility is large both in size and power capacity. As a site for your next Bitcoin mining farm, the facility is a building that boasts one million square feet. Thus, if you have plans of expanding your node network or data center, this building is ideal for you.

The facility comes with an available power output load for your changing energy demands. Already available at the time of writing is 70 MW. Should you scale your Bitcoin mining with more computers or equipment, you can expand the energy load by about 20 more MWs.

Per kilowatt, the charges are about 4.73 cents, inclusive of taxes and transmission fees. At the time of writing, the site costs $25 million.

Recently Listed North Dakota Site Ready for Purchase

North Dakota may be your next destination for your Bitcoin mining farm. We say this as we have recently included in our listings a site ready for purchase and ready to go.

The North Dakota site is 71 acres, being one of the largest site offerings in our listings. Large in area, the North Dakota site has enough space for as many as 33 ASIC miners. Buyers can get a 720x30x16 structure to house all their mining rigs.

The structure is not up at the time of writing. However, it is ready to assemble as soon as you make the purchase.

The power load of the site is 200 MW. Any growth in your output demand by no more than 300 MW will be paid for by the local energy company.

Do you lack equipment? What makes the North Dakota Site special is that it comes with 100 MW worth of mining equipment.

In addition to equipment, you will be glad to know that you only need to pay 4.8 cents. This rate will remain stable — at least for the next few years. The rate is inclusive of taxes and transmission fees.

You get all of the above-mentioned and more for $25 million.

Fully Stocked Kentucky Bitcoin Mining Farm

One of the Bitcoin mining farms we have secured in Kentucky is fully equipped, to say the least. Turnkey in set up, the mining farm in Kentucky is one of the most complete in the state, boasting 3.5 acres containing six 20×8 container pods.

Each pod is manufactured, assembled, and sourced domestically. Everything — from the farm’s electricals to the setup of components — has received due certification and is unencumbered by ownership from previous owners.

Included in the farm are the following hardware assets:

  • Application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs)
  • Mining rigs containing several graphics processing units (GPUs)
  • Network switches
  • Server cases
  • Ethernet wiring
  • Power supplies and cords

The above-mentioned enables one-man management of the farm.

Security is paramount for Bitcoin mining farms. Recognizing this, the owner of the property has equipped the site with barbed wire perimeter fences. There are also CCTV cameras in several key parts of the premises for improved security and deterrence.

The farm is also inclusive of on-site staff if you have a team you want to have trained. The owner also offers server management for private proxies. The server management includes API integration for coordinated operations of the mining farm. Also included in the server management assets are:

  • Stratums from large mining pools
  • Mast appointment programming

If your staff needs training for the above-mentioned assets, training is also available upon request. Training will cover everything from system management and system assembly and setup.

The power rate is currently at $0.072 for every kilowatt hour. This is the energy cost after taxes and transmission fees.

In short, the Kentucky Bitcoin mining farm comes with everything you will need for efficient and cost-effective Bitcoin mining. The features of the farm mentioned here consist of just the tip of the iceberg. For more information on this Bitcoin mining farm, reach out to us now at

Bitcoin mining business for sale

Crypto mining business for sale

Crypto Mining Business For Sale

Turnkey Pennsylvania Bitcoin Mining Farms

In Pennsylvania, our partners like Miners For Sale have acquired two Bitcoin mining farms. Both are container parks — perfect if you are into compact co-location spaces.

Pennsylvania Bitcoin Mining Container Park #1

The first container park comes equipped with a power capacity of 80 MW. This capacity is readily available for use. The reason why this capacity is ready for use is that this container park is part of a privately-owned power plant.

The container park is on a lot adjacent to the power plant. The containers already in the park come with a three-month lead time. Together, they cost $150,000. The price may seem steep, at a glance. However, once you see that each container can hold around 250 new generation miners, you will see the container park as an even worthwhile investment.

The power pricing depends on whether or not you purchase a container. If you buy a container, your energy rate will amount to $5.5 per kWh. The rate is half a dollar more if you do not purchase a container.

Either way, this container park in Pennsylvania is worth looking into.

Pennsylvania Bitcoin Mining Container Park #2

We have recently acquired this container park shortly after #1. Part of the reason we included it in our listings is that the site has the potential to reduce energy costs for Bitcoin mining. This will especially be of value to larger clients. Of course, it benefits you as well should you choose this container park.

You can house the Bitcoin mining assets present like the ASICs, mining rigs, and power supply with your containers if you have any. You can also purchase a container from us for $100,000. This price is set per MW.

You also need to pay two months in advance once you choose to buy the co-location. Payments can be in monthly installments for three years. Paying in advance for the months you intend to use the containers is also acceptable.

Like container park #1, this container park has everything from GPU mining rigs to ASICs. Each container has a high storage capacity. As well, the site itself has a 400 MW capacity, and the owners have allowed increases in capacity depending on your miners.

Georgia Bitcoin Mining Farm Ready for Operation

Like the Pennsylvania mining farms, the Georgia site is not too far from an electricity source. More specifically, the site is adjacent to a substation, so consistent electrical supply is never a problem. Nor is redundancy a problem as the city controls the substation.

The forested location gives the Georgia mining site seclusion and windbreaks. As well, the mining farm is also a container park, guaranteeing a container solution for the housing of your Bitcoin mining assets.

The Georgia mining container park comes with a 140 MW peak power capacity, with about 10 MW in use at the time of writing. Discounts are available to buyers who bring containers on site. Full service hosting at 6c is also part of the site’s offering.

All the above is up for sale for $150,000. This facility has the essentials for you to get started on your Bitcoin mining operation. Get in touch with us now if you are interested in this Bitcoin mining site in Georgia.

Bitcoin Mining Business For Sale

Bitcoin Mining Terahash

If a physical mining operation is not an option for you yet, you can purchase mining terahash (Th) instead of a farm. Hash power from a U.S.-based company we have tapped is available to interested buyers looking for a way to mine Bitcoin without a farm.

You can buy enough hash power for 36 months. There are pause periods, so you do not need to worry if you discontinue operations temporarily. The price per Th is $41. While the amount of hash power is for you to decide, we recommend buying at least 500 Th.

500 Th is the optimum hash power for mining one to two Bitcoins for a 36-month period. If you plan on buying 500 Th, the price will amount to about $22,500. For this price, you get impeccable management, direct earnings to your BTC wallet, and guaranteed Th for three years.

Other fees include a 10% to 15% management fee and an OPEX fee that is $1.69 Th per month. If you want to increase your hash power to optimize your Bitcoin and crypto mining, you can. You can purchase up to 250 petahash, which equals 250,000 Th.

Partnerships with Bitcoin Mining Farms

All of the options mentioned are, by and large, turnkey Bitcoin mining operations you can run solo. Of course, one exception is the mining management solution involving the purchase of Th. If you are looking for a partnership opportunity with existing mining facilities, we have these as well.

At the time of writing, we have secured mining partnerships in farms from two states — Texas and Oklahoma.

Mining Partnership or Investment Opportunity in Texas

The Lone Star state is home to low-cost wind power. This makes Texas an excellent place for Bitcoin mining. The low cost of electricity generated from wind power allows miners to use more ASICs and mining rigs to optimize crypto mining. At their very lowest, power rates amount to $25 per MW-hour.

One facility has been proposed to capitalize on the state’s relatively low energy costs. Everything from design to load studies are available for the proposed site. All that is needed now is an investor to construct the mining infrastructure.

The company is looking for a minimum investment of $500,000. The maximum investment is $15 million.

Oklahoma Partnership or Investment Opportunity

In Oklahoma, a miner is seeking partners for a mining farm construction project projected to take six to 12 months. The project can start as soon as the partner funds the project.

The project aims to develop a mining farm that draws more than half of its power from green sources. The projected cost of power after the project’s completion is $30 per MW-hour.

A partner needs to have equity amounting to $57.5 million.

Potential Opportunity to Build a Bitcoin Mining Farm

One of our partners offers an electromagnetic generator power solution for Bitcoin miners. The power source is considered green by government authorities. This means that there are energy rebates.

Our partner is under a non-disclosure agreement. Hence, to learn more, we can connect you to our partner if you are interested.

Start Your Bitcoin Mining with Us at Bitcoin Mining Farms For Sale

The Bitcoin mining industry is as fascinating as it is ever-changing. Thus, our list of Bitcoin mining farms and mining partnership opportunities can change, with bidders coming approaching left and right.

We will continue to add to the list. If you are interested in your own Bitcoin mining farm, look no further than BitcoinMiningFarmsForSale.

We at Mining Farms For Sale can connect you to your next Bitcoin mining opportunity in the country and beyond.